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Stroke Recovery – Regaining Motor Functioning

Stroke recovery can be a tedious process without the right rehabilitative equipment. There are many options to take during one’s stroke rehabilitation; however, the most effective methods in stroke recovery deal with the ability and willingness of a person to re-learn how to perform many of their daily activities. ActiveForever carries a wide variety of products that ensure a great stroke recovery and promote a positive experience while doing so.

Physical therapy is a great stroke recovery method to regain deficits caused by a stroke. For people who have suffered either an ischemic (stroke caused by a blood clot) or a hemorrhagic stroke, in which a pool of blood creates pressure on neurons in the brain, the Door Pulley Exerciser is a stroke recovery item that promotes blood flow to the arms. The idea behind this aiding in one’s physical therapy routine is by relieving some of this pressure in the brain by creating a greater need for blood in the arms; blood can drain from the brain at a faster rate and restore functioning in the affected part of the brain. Similarly, the Pedal Exerciser works out the leg or arm muscles in the same way. Even with limited or no mobility in an extremity, the work that the other provides will suffice to promote blood flow in both.

Pedal Exerciser for Stroke Recovery

Eventually regaining one’s dexterity is more than likely at the top of the list for many stroke patients. Unfortunately, a condition called spasticity, in which the hand muscles hyper-flex and form somewhat of a permanent claw, has shown to be evident in many stroke victims. Soft tissue of the long finger flexors shortens, the hand tightens up and the fingers do not stay straight as they should. Until now, treatments weren’t able to prevent this condition. ActiveForever now provides the Saebo Stretch Hand Splint; sure to separate the fingers in an optimal extended fashion for a normal-looking hand.

Saebo Stretch Hand Splint for Stroke Recovery

As motor functioning is probably the hardest deficit to deal with in stroke recovery at first, remember that ActiveForever carries a wide variety of stroke rehabilitation products that will help you restore motor functioning. Stay on track with your door-pulley exerciser, pedal exerciser, and medicine doses by using the WatchMinder 2. This attractive watch displays reminders in a subtle way, there’s no need to be concerned about disrupting others around you. Come look through the rest of the stroke recovery products, as well as other independent living products ActiveForever has to offer for an optimal recovery and easier life today.


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