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Aquatic Therapy for Stroke Victims

If you’ve suffered from a stroke, you’re more than likely experiencing some kind of limited motor ability. In order to regain these abilities, you must practice using the muscles and limbs that have suffered partial paralysis, no matter how little you’re able to move them initially. Because strength is greatly limited during the initial weeks of stroke rehabilitation, aquatic therapy has become a popular way of taking the first steps to recover from a stroke. As gravity doesn’t resist your movements as much in water, your ability to initiate movement in a pool increases greatly. Independent living products are provided by ActiveForever to aid in your aquatic stroke recovery and rehabilitation process.

Start the rehabilitative process by using the Splash Aquatic Pool Lift; designed to lower a person into the pool with great ease. Keep secure in the lift with the Pal 1000 Stability Vest. Once lowered into the pool, floating can be maintained with the AQx Sports Zero Gravity Floatation Swim Suit. By using this, the stroke sufferer doesn’t have to work on both balance and movement during their initial rehabilitation. Concentrating on one thing at a time enables the brain to focus on creating new ‘routes’ to create movement and balance programs in the brain. Additionally, the suit is designed to improve posture, so rehabilitating the back is already in effect when one wears it! If one isn’t ready to try standing, the AquaTrek Wheel Chair can be used in the pool or shower, and one can be lowered into the pool using the AquaTrek Ramp.
Splash Aquatic Pool Lift
Upon submersion into the pool, move to the INCLINE Aquatic Underwater Treadmill by Aquabilt for the beginning of the aquatic therapy process. Adjust the resistance and benefit from the low-impact, circulation-promoting design of the treadmill. No matter how little the sufferer of a stroke is able to move their extremities, the most important thing to remember is that every little bit helps. And because you’re underwater, movements will become easier to perform with the treadmill track moving under your feet.
INCLINE Aquatic Underwater Treadmill by Aquabilt
For rehabilitation of the upper extremities, using any kind of resistance, no matter how light, has been proven to increase blood flow. Increased blood flow results in the ability to regain muscle and motor functioning. AquaBells Dumbbells are designed to help you start the regaining of motor functioning of the arms with the easy-to-fill design and light-moderate weight options.


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