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Fall Prevention After a Stroke – ActiveForever Offers Helpful Fall Prevention Products Guide

Life after a stroke can be challenging, and one of the many challenges stroke survivors face is fall prevention. Partial paralysis, limited dexterity, and a host of other factors can raise the risk of falling in the home.

ActiveForever has responded to the demands of its customer base and has created a new category on its website titled “Fall Prevention“. The product specialists at have researched and tested the best choices of products designed to help prevent falls in the home. These products range from wall mounted bathroom grab bars, portable suction grab bars, raised toilet seats with arms, shower chairs, bed rails, and non-slip socks. All reasonably priced, and requiring minimal installation or assembly, this list of home safety products take fall prevention to a whole new level.

In addition, ActiveForever has also posted a Fall Prevention Guide that offers advice beyond product suggestions to make a stroke survivor’s home safer. These fall prevention tips are simply minor adjustments to be made to one’s lifestyle, and can make a world of difference in preventing a tragedy from occuring.

Check out ActiveForever’s fall prevention guide and products today, and take the first step towards making your home safer!


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Training after a Stroke: Regaining Your Gait

Upon suffering a stroke, initial deficits in walking can limit a person to the point where hope is lost. Fortunately, recent studies have shown that gait-related deficits can be overcome through gait-related training. Evidence supports the effects of strength training, cardiorespiratory training, and mixed training programs on improving gait in stroke patients. This evidence suggests that gait and gait-related activities should be directly targeted because the general view of motor learning is that exercise regimens mainly induce specific treatment effects. This means you have a high chance of regaining your ability to walk with good gait as long as you follow the right training program.


Repeated muscle contractions resisted by body weight, elastic devices, masses, free weights, specialized machine weights, or isokinetic devices are the types of gait-related activities shown to improve gait. While one may not be able to independently perform these exercises at first, ActiveForever carries products for the stroke patient in their first week of training (Gait Belts, Airex Balance Pad Elite – Non Skid Top and Bottom, Pilates stick) to users in their first year of training (Gymstick Fitness Tool, Giddyup Core Exerciser).


Gymstick Fitness Tool

Cardiorespiratory fitness training typically consists of performing physical activities such as cycling and rowing for extended periods of time, without aiming to improve gait performance. Products such as the Mini Cycle Arm and Leg Exercise Machine and the Magneciser Pedal Exerciser have settings for both beginners and advanced users, and progressive bicycling programs have been evidenced to result in significant gains in walking endurance, gait speed, and walking distance.

Magneciser Pedal Exerciser


Cardiorespiratory and gait-oriented training are more beneficial in improving walking competency because these training programs focus primarily on the relearning of functional gait-related skills that are relevant to the individual patient’s needs. Don’t think that you can’t improve your ability to walk, because there’s evidence out there that states otherwise. Search through the selection of independent living products at ActiveForever to help you in your recovery, because their commitment to the consumer is shown in the large amount of products for affordable prices.


Effects of Exercise Training Programs on Walking Competency After Stroke: A Systematic Review van de Port, Ingrid G.L MSc; Wood-Dauphinee, Sharon PhD, PT; Lindeman, Eline PhD, MD; Kwakkel, Gert PhD. Volume 86(11), November 2007, pp 935-951

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Transportation Products for a Stroke Survivor

While many people who have suffered a stroke may become depressed or recluse because of their limited motor abilities, one must remember that getting out of the house is one of the best things they can do to improve motor abilities. Going back out into the real-world after a stroke is the first step in dealing with certain impairments, and is a great motivator to improve motor skills. In order to get outdoors, however, the proper care must be taken for the person by using the right independent living products.

Having a versatile wheelchair is something that a stroke patient shouldn’t be without. Depending on how well the person is able to move their arms, we offer both electric scooters and manual wheelchairs. The Drive Pollywog Self Propelled Transport Wheelchair is a manual wheelchair that proves as a great mode of transportation. With the ability to have another push it -or the user push it- this wheelchair provides a comfortable way to get outdoors and excited for the day. The lightweight design of the wheelchair also provides easy transportation, so there’s no need to worry about lugging one around. For the next step in advancing one’s walking capabilities, the Dana Douglas Nexus III Rollator Walker is perfect for those who are learning the process of walking again.

Drive Pollywog Transport Wheelchair
If distance is a problem, the Phoenix Power Mobility Scooter will help the stroke patient move at their own ease with a ‘finger pull’ throttle and stable design. This scooter allows you to travel for up to 10 miles as well, providing you with plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors. If there’s an even further place you like to visit from your home, you can get there using the Harmar Micro Scooter Lift or Silver Star Caddy Wheelchair Carrier. Both of these products securely carry scooters or wheelchairs with ease.

Silver Start Hitchhiker Wheelchair
Remember, the key to a good recovery is getting back into the routine you used to have before suffering the stroke. Going outside is a rewarding experience in itself, so don’t be afraid to do it! Independent living products are here to help you on your road to recovery.

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Stroke Products for Incapacitated Persons

People from all ages and walks of life can suffer from a stroke. Chances are that if you or a loved one has suffered from one, it’s likely that movement is severely limited. Thankfully, technology has become advanced enough to help those with movement deficits overcome the limited movement ability they have. Independent living products can and will help you in your stroke recovery, just believe in your ability to recover and have confidence in the technology ActiveForever offers that’s designed to help you.

 While many people use the computer for work and school, computer activity used to be non-existent after suffering a stroke. Because the dexterity required to type is not present, the NaturalPoint SmartNav 4 Hands Free Mouse is designed to enable one to use the computer hands-free. With subtle movements of the head, one is able to control commands on the computer that are equal to using hands. Additional accessories may also enable the patient to use an on-screen keyboard and foot pedals for mouse-like clicking. By regaining independence from using the computer, the stroke survivor is also able to gain confidence, which is an integral component of recovery
NaturalPoint SmartNav 4 Hands Free Mouse
 Muscle atrophy is another common detriment for stroke survivors due to the limited ability to move. Cross-sectional area of muscle slowly deteriorates because blood flow is limited in unused extremities. The EMS 5.0 Electronic Muscle Stimulator is a machine that takes care of this problem. Being hooked up to it enables muscles to remain intact; promoting blood flow through electronic stimulation. Additionally, this machine can be used in variation so that one doesn’t become ‘overworked’ or stressed from the stimulation. The Motorized Mini Exercise Bike works in a similar manner for the legs. Without any effort on the user, the bike moves the legs of a person and promotes blood flow. 
motorized mini exercise bike

There are many other stroke blogs that discuss certain aspects of regaining motor functioning, lifestyle products, and other condition-related independent living products for the stroke patient. Come and take a look at all of the information we offer to help you make the right decision on what to get for the stroke sufferer and begin the road to recovery the right way. Feel free to discuss this subject as well, as our comments section can provide more information to stroke victims.

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Aquatic Therapy for Stroke Victims

If you’ve suffered from a stroke, you’re more than likely experiencing some kind of limited motor ability. In order to regain these abilities, you must practice using the muscles and limbs that have suffered partial paralysis, no matter how little you’re able to move them initially. Because strength is greatly limited during the initial weeks of stroke rehabilitation, aquatic therapy has become a popular way of taking the first steps to recover from a stroke. As gravity doesn’t resist your movements as much in water, your ability to initiate movement in a pool increases greatly. Independent living products are provided by ActiveForever to aid in your aquatic stroke recovery and rehabilitation process.

Start the rehabilitative process by using the Splash Aquatic Pool Lift; designed to lower a person into the pool with great ease. Keep secure in the lift with the Pal 1000 Stability Vest. Once lowered into the pool, floating can be maintained with the AQx Sports Zero Gravity Floatation Swim Suit. By using this, the stroke sufferer doesn’t have to work on both balance and movement during their initial rehabilitation. Concentrating on one thing at a time enables the brain to focus on creating new ‘routes’ to create movement and balance programs in the brain. Additionally, the suit is designed to improve posture, so rehabilitating the back is already in effect when one wears it! If one isn’t ready to try standing, the AquaTrek Wheel Chair can be used in the pool or shower, and one can be lowered into the pool using the AquaTrek Ramp.
Splash Aquatic Pool Lift
Upon submersion into the pool, move to the INCLINE Aquatic Underwater Treadmill by Aquabilt for the beginning of the aquatic therapy process. Adjust the resistance and benefit from the low-impact, circulation-promoting design of the treadmill. No matter how little the sufferer of a stroke is able to move their extremities, the most important thing to remember is that every little bit helps. And because you’re underwater, movements will become easier to perform with the treadmill track moving under your feet.
INCLINE Aquatic Underwater Treadmill by Aquabilt
For rehabilitation of the upper extremities, using any kind of resistance, no matter how light, has been proven to increase blood flow. Increased blood flow results in the ability to regain muscle and motor functioning. AquaBells Dumbbells are designed to help you start the regaining of motor functioning of the arms with the easy-to-fill design and light-moderate weight options.

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Stroke Safety Around Your Home

As suffering from a stroke can be debilitating, one must remember that their safety is at risk in many everyday situations around the home. Although rehabilitation will help a person eventually gain most of their motor functioning back, one has to be sure that in the mean time, they’re keeping safe and away from harm with the right independent living products around their home.

 Within the initial months of your stroke, the Invacare Mariner Narrow Rehab Shower Commode Wheelchair takes care of all of these problems; with comfortable padding, beneath-seat commode, and a water-proof design, one is sure to avoid the risks of trying to move from one place to another. If your shower is in an upstairs bathroom, the Acorn Superglide 120 Stairlift can easily lift you up or take you down the stairs without a hassle. If you don’t have enough strength to use a wheelchair, the Pride Luxury Line Victory Scooter (3 Wheel) will help you move around your home with just as much ease, and you can use one of the many bathroom aids ActiveForever has to offer.
Shower Commode Wheelchair
 Don’t let the idea of being confined to a wheelchair for a certain amount of time hamper your desire to regain your independence! The worst thing that a stroke survivor can do to themselves is become reliant on products, which impedes their potential recovery rate and time. As you consult with your doctor on how much you should try to physically take on week-by-week, be sure to use the Dana Douglas Infiniti 280 4 Wheel Rollator Walker when you’re cleared to walk, as the quality design of the walker will provide you with optimal mobility. 
Rollator Walker

One of the leading causes of an initial stroke, as well as recurring stroke, is high blood pressure. Because blood pressure is sometimes difficult to keep low, the Resperate Blood Pressure Lowering Device will help maintain a low blood pressure through breathing exercises. After finishing your exercises, maintain them throughout the day by monitoring your blood pressure with the Mark of Fitness Wristwatch Blood Pressure Monitor. ActiveForever carries a plethora of independent living products, so feel free to stop by our site, as well as look at our other blogs to find out more information on making your stroke recovery count!

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Lifestyle Products for a Stroke Survivor

If you or a loved one has suffered from a stroke, chances are that both of your lifestyles have changed. Whether it is from an ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke, don’t feel that life will change forever; multiple studies have shown that stroke patients recover their motor functioning through rehabilitation. The first step in this process begins with independent living products that help one move toward their original lifestyle.


As stroke victims are likely to suffer from a recurring stroke, precautionary measures must be taken seriously if one desires to make a steadfast recovery. Since one of the leading causes of stroke is high blood pressure (hypertension), it’s obvious that one should engage in activity that keeps their blood pressure low. The Mark of Fitness Wristwatch Blood Pressure Monitor is a great way to discreetly remind you of what your blood pressure is without having to make trips to the doctor or clinic every day or bother those around you with a loud blood pressure machine.


Mark of Fitness Wristwatch Blood Pressure Monitor
Bathing is one of the first issues to address when bringing a loved one home who has suffered a stroke. ActiveForever carries products that address this problem in a practical way; we understand that transferring one into the tub can be a hard process. With the Shower Helper, transferring another person to the tub or shower is a piece of cake. Should the need arise to only wash ones’ hair, the Zero Flex Hair Wash System is a convenient way to get the job done without transferring to the tub.


Shower Helper
While muscles and motor functioning can become impaired during the initial months of a stroke, independent living products such as the UpEasy Power Lifting Cushion will help you regain your independence by providing you with assistance to get up from your seat. Help yourself out of bed with the Smart Rail System Bed Rail in the same manner. Look through the additional independent living products for getting dressed, such as the Enablers Zipper Button Puller and Easy-Pull Sock Aid, that will help begin a routine that will lead to a life of independence!

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Stroke Recovery – Regaining Motor Functioning

Stroke recovery can be a tedious process without the right rehabilitative equipment. There are many options to take during one’s stroke rehabilitation; however, the most effective methods in stroke recovery deal with the ability and willingness of a person to re-learn how to perform many of their daily activities. ActiveForever carries a wide variety of products that ensure a great stroke recovery and promote a positive experience while doing so.

Physical therapy is a great stroke recovery method to regain deficits caused by a stroke. For people who have suffered either an ischemic (stroke caused by a blood clot) or a hemorrhagic stroke, in which a pool of blood creates pressure on neurons in the brain, the Door Pulley Exerciser is a stroke recovery item that promotes blood flow to the arms. The idea behind this aiding in one’s physical therapy routine is by relieving some of this pressure in the brain by creating a greater need for blood in the arms; blood can drain from the brain at a faster rate and restore functioning in the affected part of the brain. Similarly, the Pedal Exerciser works out the leg or arm muscles in the same way. Even with limited or no mobility in an extremity, the work that the other provides will suffice to promote blood flow in both.

Pedal Exerciser for Stroke Recovery

Eventually regaining one’s dexterity is more than likely at the top of the list for many stroke patients. Unfortunately, a condition called spasticity, in which the hand muscles hyper-flex and form somewhat of a permanent claw, has shown to be evident in many stroke victims. Soft tissue of the long finger flexors shortens, the hand tightens up and the fingers do not stay straight as they should. Until now, treatments weren’t able to prevent this condition. ActiveForever now provides the Saebo Stretch Hand Splint; sure to separate the fingers in an optimal extended fashion for a normal-looking hand.

Saebo Stretch Hand Splint for Stroke Recovery

As motor functioning is probably the hardest deficit to deal with in stroke recovery at first, remember that ActiveForever carries a wide variety of stroke rehabilitation products that will help you restore motor functioning. Stay on track with your door-pulley exerciser, pedal exerciser, and medicine doses by using the WatchMinder 2. This attractive watch displays reminders in a subtle way, there’s no need to be concerned about disrupting others around you. Come look through the rest of the stroke recovery products, as well as other independent living products ActiveForever has to offer for an optimal recovery and easier life today.

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Stroke Symptoms – Quick Treatment for Signs of a Stroke is Essential to Recovery

When stroke symptoms begin to show up and the stroke victim can no longer ignore the signs of a stroke, immediate treatment is crucial to insure the patient makes the best possible recovery. Especially with elderly stroke victims, a stroke can have serious consequences unless treated immediately.

Often stroke victims ignore the early warning signs until it is too late. When the paralysis associated with stroke strikes, it can quickly leave them unable to reach a phone and call for help. Elderly stroke victims who live alone are especially at risk, since it can be hours or even days before they are found.

To help prevent a tragedy, it is important that senior citizen who live alone and those who are at risk for stroke have an emergency notification system in place such as the Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Service to notify emergency medical personnel when they need help.

Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Service

The Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Service helps over 500,000 seniors live independently without having to worry about an emergency in their own homes. In the medical alert service industry for over 30 years, Philips Lifeline personnel respond the push of a button worn around the patient’s wrist or neck. Trained associates, who have critical information on the patient, can dispatch an ambulance, a family member, or even a neighbor to help in seconds. Whether it is heart attack, stroke, or fall, the Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Service provides fast response to prevent an accident from turning into a tragedy.

For more information on Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Service, click here: Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Contact Form

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